Do It Harder

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Kendall Woods was outside swinging on a tire, looking very sexy in those tiny shorts. Her boyfriend, Bambino, came over and began pushing her on the tire swing. Soon after, he began feeling up her juicy rump and she was loving it. Not too long after that, she was sucking and fucking his cock. She got her pussy drilled on the tire swing. They heard her dad calling her, so they ran off and climbed up on a tree. They continued to fuck up in the tree. They climbed down and she got that fresh load all over her pretty face. Her father caught her with cum all over her face and sent her to her room.

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Bunking With Big Dick

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After a long day of school, Kendall Woods wanted to rest up and take a nap. Twenty minutes in, and she hears a light tap on her bedpost. She abruptly wakes up and sees Tyler with a huge grin on his face. By this point she’s livid and wonders who the hell he is! Well, just so happens Tyler is dating Kendall’s mom, and he was visiting for a while and had to bunk with Kendall. She was not having it, but her mom’s orders were the law, so she told him to keep it down so she could go back to sleep. While sleeping, Kendall got curious and peeped down at the bottom bunk. She sees Tyler jerking it! Kendall liked what she saw, especially seeing Tyler’s huge cock. What ensues is pure debauchery!

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Shower Robber

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The notorious Red Hood broke into another crib looking for diamond rings and things. He searched high and low, and in the kitchen, he found a valuable necklace. While looking for additional goods, he heard the muffled sound of people talking outside of the front door. The Red Hood made a dash towards the bedroom. He kept his cool while a couple entered the house. They had a mundane conversation in the living room and then the female said she was going to take a shower. Mr. Hood found the perfect place to hide and take a peek. He watched Kendall Woods undress and shower. After a few minutes of beating his meat, he approached her for behind. Kendall was startled and turned on, so she grabbed his dick and went to town. While The Red Hood was fucking her tight pussy, her boyfriend knocked on the door. Kendall created a diversion and Mr. Hood escaped unscathed.

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Slow And Steady

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Kendall Woods is a teen with a mean booty. She twerked and bounce her donk to our delight. Johnny worshipped Kendall’s ass from the sidelines and eventually went in, with his hard cock in hand, for a closer look. Soon after rubbing and smacking the booty, he stuffed Kendall’s pretty mouth with his schlong. Then he fucked her tight teen pussy all over the place from multiple angles and in various positions.

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